More than 20 Witnesses Expected to Testify at Upcoming Murder Trial

Jury selection is underway for Daniel Parker’s murder trial. More than 20 witnesses are expected to testify throughout the trial proceedings.

Dewayne Shorter is accused of shooting 38-year-old Daniel Parker multiple times on the 2000 block of Fairlawn Avenue, SE, on July 26, 2017.

The doctor who performed Parker’s autopsy reported that the victim was shot so many times that he could not count the exact number of entry and exit wounds he sustained, according to court documents. 

Forty-nine 5.56 cartridge casings were recovered between 1412 Young Street and 2005 Fairlawn Avenue, according to court documents. Over ten of them were found within arm’s reach of the victim.

Shorter, 33, was arrested one month after the homicide. He went on to be indicted on 11 charges including first-degree murder while armed, possessing a firearm during a crime of violence, assault with intent to kill while armed and unlawful possession of a firearm.

A witness who reported to have been friends with Parker for more than a year said they were near the intersection of Young Street and Fairlawn Avenue when they saw parts of the shooting.  They said they did not get a good look at the alleged shooter’s face, according to court documents, but said that some of his features appeared to match an individual they referred to by the nickname “Lil Wayne,” who they believe the shooter to be. After detectives showed him a picture of Shorter, they reportedly told them that’s the man they know as “Lil Wayne.” 

The first witness told detectives that Parker told him in May or June of 2017 that if anything happened to him, “Lil Wayne” would be the one responsible, according to court documents. Detectives believe “Lil Wayne” to be Shorter’s nickname.

Both this witness and a second witness said Parker sold marijuana. The second witness told detectives that Parker was angry with another nearby seller. The witness believed Parker thought the other seller was stealing his customers. However, the witness later said they did not remember anything they told them, according to court documents. 

Shorter rejected plea offers in October 2018 and last September.

During a trial readiness hearing on Sept. 27, the prosecution estimated they will call about 20 to 25 witnesses. This includes 10 to 12 officers, five to seven civilians and two to three experts. The defense anticipated calling six to eight witnesses.