Armed Robbery Case Rescheduled For Later Date

A DC Superior Court judge rescheduled a hearing originally set for Aug. 24 to give the defense more time to discuss an early plea offer. 

Rochelle Crowder, 52, is charged with armed robbery for allegedly taking a man’s wallet and bank card on May 23 on the 1400 block Perry Place, NW.

Defense attorney Joseph Yarbough asked Judge Rainey Brandt to reschedule the preliminary hearing, which will determine if Crowder’s case has enough evidence to go to trial. The prosecution did not oppose the request. The parties agreed on a Sept. 28 date. 

The defense must contact the court immediately if the plea deal is accepted.

According to court documents, Crowder held the victim against his will for two hours while trying to get his debit card information. After failing, Crowder allegedly stabbed the victim in the hand and thigh, and then let him go.

Crowder is being held at the DC Jail without bail.