Arraignment Rescheduled For October

On Oct. 9, a DC Superior Court judge rescheduled the arraignment of a defendant charged with criminal contempt, while two other contempt defendants were scheduled for another hearing in November.

Jude Collins is charged with contempt of a Civil Protection Order (CPO) / Temporary Protective Order (TPO.)

Attorney Brandi Harden spoke on behalf of Collins, whose presence in court was waved. Harden asked for the arraignment to be continued because her client is currently on medication and would be unable to fully understand what is going on. 

Judge Maribeth Raffinan decided to schedule a new hearing for Oct. 30.

Another defendant, who is also charged with contempt in a separate case decided to plead guilty under a deferred sentencing agreement on Nov. 13. He is scheduled for a review on May 3, 2021.

A defendant, who is also charged with contempt, is scheduled for a status hearing on Feb. 23, 2021. The status hearing follows another noncompliance notice that was filed on Nov. 4.

The defendants have a status hearing scheduled for Nov. 10.

Emily Pengelly wrote this story