Judge Releases Sex Abuse Defendant

During a Sept. 12 hearing, the prosecution announced the defendant’s bail posting in a 2022 sexual abuse case.

On July 16, 2022, a 14-year-old victim reported that the 51-year-old defendant grabbed her buttocks twice while she was doing her laundry. When the victim tried to walk away, the defendant reportedly grabbed her arm and told her to “come on” back to his apartment. The victim identified the defendant as her attacker.

On Monday, the defendant was released on a $1,000 cash bond. 

According to the DC Court, a stay-away order was imposed on July 18. The defendant has received two notices of non compliance on Aug. 12 and Aug. 31.

During the arraignment, the defendant pleaded not guilty to all charges, including three counts of second-degree child sex abuse and one count of simple assault.  He was indicted on these charges on Aug. 31.

DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee previously allowed the prosecution to continue providing the defense with evidence for each charge, granting the defense access to records relevant to the case. 

Initially, the prosecution struggled to obtain a protective order, which would protect witnesses from unreasonable or invasive requests. These issues have since been resolved, and the prosecution plans to submit a written report of the evidence collected within a few days.

The prosecutor said he doesn’t plan to collect nor include any DNA evidence related to the defendant’s clothing.

The next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 13.