Court Update: April 27

On April 27, judges at the DC Superior Courthouse released eight inmates.

One defendants’ bond review hearing was held in abeyance.

There were nine hearings that were not in relation to emergency releases because of COVID-19. Four were status hearings. One was an arraignment and three were trial readiness hearings that were all rescheduled due to the inability to have in court hearings. One hearing was for a person charged with being a fugitive from justice, the charge was dismissed.

Judges also denied the release of two inmates.

In total there were 21 defendants that had cases. A majority of the cases were for bond review hearings. You can read about each case on

Andre Dubose was denied his release from DC Jail on April 27.

 Dubose is charged with first-degree murder while armed with a wooden object for allegedly assaulting 37-year-old Ahmad Simms on the 1800 Block of Q Street, SE on March 17, 2019.

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