Decedent’s girlfriend recalls night of homicide

On the third day of a 2015 murder trial, Ray Andre Harrison’s girlfriend testified about the events that occurred on the night he was shot.

According to the girlfriend, her best friend came into town for a surprise visit and met Harrison that night. She said they wanted to show her a good time, so they decided to go to Davon Peyton’s house to get marijuana. Peyton was Harrison’s alleged dealer.

Harrison’s girlfriend said that he called Peyton, 27, “at least two times” before they decided to go to his residence, but Peyton never answered the phone.

The girlfriend said, when Peyton answered door, the two men got into an arguement. She said she heard Harrison tell Peyton to calm down before she heard a gunshot.

Assistant United States Attorney Katie Earnest played the 911 call for the jury. Peyton is heard in the background telling Harrison’s girlfriend to give a different address to the dispatcher. The girlfriend said Peyton fled the scene following the shooting.

Peyton’s attorneys, Joseph Wong and Matthew Davies, prodded the girlfriend about whether Harrison had been drinking that night. She confirmed that he was.

The defense team also emphasized that the girlfriend never actually saw Peyton point the gun.

The girlfriend did confirm that after Harrison was shot, Peyton apologized, tried to help Harrison, and told them to call an ambulance.

Peyton is currently charged with second-degree murder while armed. The trial is expected to continue on Feb. 8.