Defendant Accused of Murder, Arson Rejects Plea Offer

A murder defendant accused of setting a man on fire rejected a plea offer.

During the early hours of May 13, 2020, firefighters found 62-year-old Darryl Finney suffering from burns to his back, legs and arms on the 900 block of H Street, NE. He told emergency medical service providers someone threw a firebomb at him, according to court documents. Finney succumbed to his injuries two days later.

D’Aundrey Scott was arrested less than a week after the victim’s death and currently faces charges of first-degree murder, arson and assault with intent to kill. The 27-year-old defendant rejected a plea offer during his most recent hearing on April 21.

The prosecution’s offer would have allowed Scott to plead out on charges of second-degree murder, arson, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with intent to kill and destruction of property. 

DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee scheduled the defendant to go on trial in August 2023.

During the proceedings, the prosecutor said she received a letter from Scott she has yet to open.

Defense attorney Roderick Thompson said he has never had this happen and spoke privately with the prosecutor about the letter. He asked Judge Lee if he could have some time to speak to his client and research the situation.

Judge Lee gave Thompson two weeks to resolve the issue. The prosecutor will have two weeks to respond from there. 

Parties are scheduled to reconvene for a status hearing on June 24.