Defendant Expresses Desire to Change After Sentencing

A DC Superior Court judge sentenced a defendant on June 12.

Deangelo Glover pleaded guilty to violating bail and possession of a controlled substance. 

Judge Erik Christian sentenced Glover to nearly six months in jail, the execution of which will be suspended. He will have to serve two years on probation for the possession offense.

He is being credited for time served for the bail violation.

Glover does have prior convictions, including unlawful possession of PCP, an hallucinatory drug, assault and bail violation.

Defense attorney Isaac Kunnirickal pointed out his client’s very difficult up bring, saying Glover expressed a desire to change.

“I think that’s sincere,” Kunnirickal said. “Very sincere.”

Glover apologized for the incidents that led to his sentencing.

“I’m trying to change for the better for my son and me,” he said.