Defendant Sentenced for Two Counts of Contempt

A sexual abuse defendant accepted a plea offer July 29 for two counts of contempt.

Kennedy Davis, 47, was originally charged with kidnapping while armed, first-degree sex abuse and first-degree sex abuse by force for an incident that occurred on Feb. 9. According to court documents, Davis sexually assaulted an ex-girlfriend on the 2800 block of Q Street, SE.

Davis was released in 2020 for unrelated charges and, according to the prosecutor, Davis “violated a stay away order multiple times by contacting [the victim] by phone and being within 100 yards of [the victim].”

This violation accounted for two charges of contempt. 

“There were hundreds of violations that comprised the two accounts” the prosecutor said. 

 Davis expressed that he would like to remain at a local correctional treatment facility, so that he could better himself.  

D.C. Superior Court Judge Demeo accepted the plea agreement and sentenced the defendant to two consecutive six-month sentences. She also recommended that the defendant serve his sentence at CTF.   

“It’s a good plan for him to try to complete the programs he is already in,” Judge Demeo said.      

She also ordered Davis to have no contact with the victim.  Other cases will be dismissed in accordance with the plea agreement.