Defendant Sentenced to 48 Months in Domestic Violence Case After an ‘Extremely Dangerous Offense’

During the sentencing hearing of Joseph Lewis, DC Superior Court Judge  Lynn Leibovitz sentenced him to 48 months of incarceration followed by 3 years of supervised release. 

According to sentencing guidelines, Lewis could have received at least 180 days in prison or up to ten years. 

Lewis pleaded guilty to both his original charges, including one count of assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence. 

The sentence was imposed after Lewis accepted a plea deal in January. 

He was sentenced to 24 months for each count. The sentences are set to be served concurrently. 

At the sentencing, the prosecution read a victim impact statement on behalf of the defendant’s wife who could not be in person due to medical reasons.

“I want to see Lewis get mental health and drug abuse treatment,” the wife said in her statement.

Although the prosecutor agreed with the treatment, a jail term was also requested.

“This is a simple case with simple facts: this offense is extremely dangerous,” the prosecutor said. She requested the defendant receive a 48-month sentence in prison. 

Defense attorney Steven Logerfo responded to the prosecution’s request of putting Lewis in mental health treatment, stating he has already been transferred to the Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF) at the DC Jail. 

He argued that the passing of Lewis’ father led to his compliance with the case, explaining that while the mental health treatment recommendation is appropriate, the sentencing is not.

Lewis did not wish to speak.

Judge Leibovitz said she believes Lewis does have untreated mental health issues, he took drugs at the time of the crime and should have rectified his behaviors due to how old he is. 

Based on these factors, she believes Lewis is extremely dangerous to those around him, especially in his personal life. 

In addition to the sentence, Lewis has to register as a gun offender as well as contribute $200 to the Victims of Violent Crime Fund.

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