Defendant’s Attorney in Homicide Case Refutes Charges

A defense attorney in a homicide case refuted kidnapping allegations during a presentment hearing on Feb. 7.

Isaiah Trotman, 31, is currently being charged with first-degree murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, and kidnapping after allegedly shooting 64-year-old Robert Cunningham on Feb. 1 on the 1000 block of Potomac Avenue, SE.

On the day of the incident, Trotman injured three other victims in addition to Cunningham. He is accused of shooting two of the victims in the leg and another in the arm. He allegedly threatened them, pointed a gun at them, and told them to leave the metro station. This chain of events is what led to both the kidnapping and assault accusations.

Defense attorney Joseph Yarbough said there was no substantial probability or probable cause for the kidnapping charges, stating there was no intent to kidnap any of the victims because there was no purpose in doing so.

“A requirement of kidnapping is purpose of confinement,” said Yarbough.

The prosecution replied by emphasizing that the Trotman exerted control over the victim through violence.

He pointed a gun at the victim and told her to get off the bus, the prosecutor said.

Cunningham was killed when he stepped in to defend the other victims.

“In one day, the defendant terrorized four individuals,” said the prosecution.

D.C. Superior Court Judge Lloyd Nolan said he believes there is substantial probability and probable cause. He denied the defense’s request for release.

The next hearing is set for Feb. 16.

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