Decision Pending on Wired Plea Offer for Murder Defendants

Parties remain in discussions over a wired plea deal offered to two co-defendants in a murder case. The deal is conditional on both defendants accepting it.

Co-defendants Vorreze Thomas, Jr., 24, and Delonta Stevenson, 27, are charged in connection with the death of 32-year-old Terrance Allen. Allen was shot and killed on the 3000 block of Stanton Road, SE, on Jan. 18, 2021. The two defendants are charged with first-degree murder while armed but a plea offer for a lesser charge in on the table.

During a Feb. 7 hearing, parties said they are having difficulties coming to an agreement on if the offer should be accepted. 

DC Superior Court Judge Marisa Demeo scheduled an additional hearing for March 30. Parties are expected to decide on the plea offer by that hearing.

Makie Theodros wrote this article.

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