Defendant’s Neighbor Testifies During Murder Trial

The defendant’s neighbor and two members of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) testified during a murder trial. 

Dewayne Shorter is charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting 38-year-old Daniel Parker on July 26, 2017, on the 2000 block of Fairlawn Avenue, SE. Shorter, 33, is also charged with assault with intent to kill while armed, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence and unlawful possession of a firearm while armed during a crime of violence.

During the Nov. 22 proceedings, one of the first MPD officers to arrive at the scene of the shooting took the witness stand. She testified that she saw multiple shell casings on the ground and an individual who had been shot upon her arrival. 

An MPD weapons expert also took the stand to analyze the shell casings. He determined that multiple guns were used, but none of them were automatic weapons. He also said his team is looking into if these casings match with others from different crime scenes. 

Images of property damage caused by stray bullets from the shooting were admitted as evidence.

Shorter’s neighbor took the stand because of her relationship with the defendant as well as because she was the first person to hear gunshots. She said she had heard shootings in the area before but nothing like this incident.

“It was just shot after shot and I am still traumatized from it to this day,” she said. “You would’ve thought it was a mass shooting.” 

As the prosecution inquired on if she had any role in the alleged crimes, the witness made it clear that she would never jeopardize the safety of her siblings because of someone she liked.

The prosecution approached the bench to ask the judge to allow them to talk about charges that the defendant picked up after the shooting. They said the defendant was charged with unlawful ownership of an automatic weapon and argued that if he could get one easily after the incident he may have had one during the incident, too. Judge Marisa Demeo has not ruled on this motion yet. 

Jurors are scheduled to return to court on Nov. 23.