Defense again denied mistrial request in Jonathan Taylor case

The testimony of murder victim Dexter Motley’s sister was thrown out after following day two of her emotional testimony in Jonathan Taylor’s trial.

While questioning resumed regarding a prior incident involving the woman, Motley and Taylor, the woman became defensive and refused to answer further questions. She was eventually escorted out of the courtroom by US Marshals. Taylor attempted to have himself removed from the case, on the basis that the testimony is prejudice against him. The entirety of her testimony from that day and the day prior was tossed out.

A woman who was also romantically involved with Taylor said one night she let Taylor use her car. Instead of coming back quickly as she expected, Taylor and a few friends returned hours later. Taylor and his friend spent the night at her place, she said that she saw them watching the news, which she thought was strange since they normally don’t watch the news.

A few days later, the woman let Taylor use her car again, and it was again gone for hours. She and a relative got in another car, searching for her car and saw it pass them. She circled back home, and found Taylor and a friend in her car. She dropped the friends off at another location, and both friends spat at the witness, she testified. One of Taylor’s friends lifted his shirt to show that he was carrying a gun. The woman identified Taylor’s friends in court.


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