Defense attorney calls for the release of evidence in Dwayne Dillard murder case

Lawyers in the Dwayne Dillard murder case went before Judge Jose Lopez Thursday to voice disagreements regarding evidence the defense says the prosecution has failed to release.

According to defense attorney Natalie Lawson, the prosecution refused to provide reports and other material created by the lead detective in the case against her client, 26-year-old Shakim Lyons.

Police say Lyons, in addition to three other suspects shot and killed Dillard, 23, in early July 2015.

Lawson also sought the identity of a witness who told police Lyons had a firearm during the time of the murder. In addition, the defense asked for the alias of a confidential informant that allegedly had information pertaining to other possible suspects in the murder.

The prosecution conceded, and said he would provide all material by March 10, two weeks before the next hearing. Though the prosecution did say that the confidential informant is the “red herring” of this case, as the informant was never a witness and instead their information is based on heresy.

Lyon faces second-degree murder charges and is being held without bond.

The defendant is expected in court March 24 for a trial readiness hearing.