Defense attorney says there’s no conflict of interest, two weeks after judge ordered trial date vacated

Monday, a day before Dwayne Dillard’s murder trial was originally set to begin, co-defendants Shakim Lyon, Harry Herbert, Nathaniel Taylor and James Coffield were presented in court.

The trial vacated initially because of a previous claim of a conflict of interest.

Defense attorney Natalie Lawson, told the court that there was in fact no conflict of interest and she would continue to move forward as Lyon’s counsel.

In turn, Judge Jose Lopez set the new trial date as July 8, 2018, the agreed backup trial date in the wake of the previous vacated date.

In response, Coffield’s defense attorney John Carney notified the court that if the trial isn’t going to take place in this current year that he would move to withdraw himself as Coffield’s counsel.

The judge accepted and asked that Carney find his replacement.

In order to rule on new counsel Judge Lopez set a court date for two weeks out, but before he could dismiss all parties Taylor’s attorney said he would be filing a motion for the release of his client based on the fact that the trial is set to begin more than a year from now.

Following his declaration, Coffield’s lawyer said he already filed a motion for release and Herbert’s lawyer said he would have his motion for release to the judge by morning.

Judge Lopez said he would address all motions in the next hearing.

Herbert, Lyon, Coffield and Taylor face second-degree murder while armed charges for their involvement in Dillard’s murder. According to police, Herbert, Lyon, Coffield and Taylor shot and killed Dillard, 23, in early July 2015.

All four defendants are being held without bond and are expected in court May 8 for a status hearing.