Detective Sheds Light on Investigation Into Possible Revenge Murder

The lead detective on the investigation into a possible revenge murder testified during a hearing to determine if the case against one of the two defendants has enough evidence to go to trial.

Ronald Wallace and DeAngelo Glover are accused of shooting 34-year-old Tyrone Wright to death in the parking lot of an apartment complex on the 3700 Block of Hayes Street, NE. Both men face charges of first-degree murder while armed.

The homicide took place on Jan. 19, 2021. Glover, 30, was arrested the following March and a DC Superior Court judge found probable cause during his preliminary hearing in May. Wallace, 48, was not arrested until last February. Parties met in court for his preliminary hearing on April 13.

During that hearing, the detective testified that one of the witnesses, who knew Wallace personally, said the co-defendants planned to shoot Wright in retaliation for the death of Wallace’s brother.  The brother, Marcus Wallace, was 36-years-old when he was shot to death on Nov. 21, 2020, on the 1400 block of L Street, SE. Deshaun Gaskins was charged with first-degree murder while armed in relation to his death, but prosecutors dismissed the case, D.C. Witness previously reported.

The prosecutor in Ronald Wallace’s case showed several pieces of evidence, including video footage from the night of the shooting.  The footage shows a group of men running away from the gunshots.  It also shows a dark-clothed individual walking away and Glover fleeing the scene. 

Defense attorney Michael Bruckheim objected to much of this evidence being shown since Wallace was not identified in any of these videos.  Judge Rainey Brandt overruled most of these objections, saying the prosecutor was setting up the scene. She did sustain a hearsay objection to the evidence that a now-deceased witness claimed that Glover and “DooDoo,” which is believed to be Wallace’s nickname, were the shooters.

The detective went on to discuss different factors allegedly linking Wallace to the scene of the crime. This included a FBI report of cell phone records showing that a phone was in the area where the crime took place pinging off a cell phone tower before the homicide.  After the homicide, the cell phone began pinging with different towers consistent with leaving the area. 

The cell phone was terminated the day after the homicide. 

Bruckheim made an objection, saying the cell phone was not registered to Wallace. Judge Brandt said she would put this issue on pause until after the cross-examination.

The final line of questioning concerned the bullets found at the scene of the crime. There were several different types of bullets found on the ground. Three different types of bullets were found in the victim’s body, including one consistent with a gun Glover allegedly owned.

Cross-examination was scheduled to resume on April 14.  

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