Domestic Violence Defendant Sentenced to Probation, Community Service Under Youth Rehabilitation Act

A domestic violence defendant was sentenced to 18 months of probation and 90 hours of community service under the Youth Rehabilitation Act.

Michael Marqele Briscoe was indicted on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, threats to kidnap or injure a person, carrying a pistol without a license and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence for brandishing a gun at his uncle during a family dispute in 2020. Briscoe pleaded guilty to carrying a pistol without a license and a lesser charge of misdemeanor threats to do bodily harm in March. As part of his plea deal, prosecutors dismissed the two remaining charges.

DC Superior Court Judge James Crowell said he would implement a recommended intervention plan during the May 20 sentencing hearing. He imposed fully-suspended sentences of nine months for threats to do bodily harm and six months for carrying a pistol without a license. Under this sentence, Briscoe will have to serve the full 15-month term in prison if he violates his probation and has it revoked.

“I would like to say I still feel ashamed, like, what I did [sic],” Briscoe said. “I definitely do feel sorry. Me and him talked. We’re alright. Next time, I’ll walk away. I won’t even engage in that nonsense.”

Defense attorney Kevin Kassees said the victim’s mother reported Briscoe and his uncle were on good terms and moving forward from the dispute. Additionally, he said the trauma of getting shot in a previous incident served as a “wake up call” for Briscoe.

“It was after that incident – I think his uncle helped him at the time – he decided he was going to get his life turned around. He got hooked up with Life Deeds, which trains youth to make better choices, and he worked really hard,” Kassees said.

The prosecution said they had spoken with the victim and his family, and would no longer be pursuing a no-contact order. They did ask Judge Crowell to impose a no Harass, Stalk, Threaten or Assault order. Judge Crowell granted the request.

Briscoe must register as a gun offender for two years following his period of supervised release. He is also required to pay $150 to the Victims of Violent Crime compensation fund.

The prosecution said Briscoe had recently started his own LLC and wished him the best in his business endeavors.

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