Domestic Violence Defendant Set to Accept Plea Once Paperwork is Filed

A DC Superior Court judge continued a hearing for a felony domestic violence defendant who reportedly plans on accepting a plea deal.

The defendant is charged with first-degree burglary and was released into the High Intention Supervision Program (HISP) with a stay away order and GPS monitoring on Oct. 14. He attended the Dec. 20 hearing remotely.

Defense attorney Donna Beasley said her client plans on accepting a plea agreement but had not received, reviewed or filled out the necessary paperwork.

A court official present on behalf of the Pretrial Services Agency said GPS monitoring showed the defendant violated the stay away order from the victim on two separate occasions since Oct. 14 and recommended the defendant’s release into the HISP be revoked.

Beasley asked the judge that her client remain on HISP release until the next hearing when she is more prepared to address any issues with release violations or the pending plea deal. Judge Robert Okun let the defendant go with a warning. 

“You should understand that that sort of violation can lead to the revocation of your release,” Judge Okun told the defendant. “You could be placed back in the DC Jail if it’s established you violated the conditions of your release.”

The defendant is scheduled to return to court on Jan. 6.