Domestic Violence Trial Resumes With Prosecution Calling 5 Witnesses

A domestic violence trial continued into its second day with the prosecution calling five people to the witness stand.

The defendant is charged with cruelty to children, threat to kidnap or injure a person and simple assault. He is accused of attacking a woman outside a homeless shelter as she held their 18-day-old son in a car seat, injuring the baby in the process. The defense asserts he was trying to protect his son from his mother.

During the second day of the trial on April 26, the prosecutor called a security officer at the shelter to testify. This witness said they heard an argument between the victim and defendant and saw the defendant attack the victim.

Two officers who were present at the scene took to the witness stand. One of them recalled the woman having bloody lips. During cross-examination, it was revealed that when the victim was asked whether she had a bloody lip or if she was wearing red lipstick, she replied that she was wearing red lipstick.

Three more witnesses delivered testimony before the court took a lunch break. During the break, the defense attorney was notified that he had come in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. DC Superior Court Judge Marisa Demeo told him to get a rapid test. He tested positive.

The trial was scheduled to resume on May 2.

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