Government refuses to identify key witness as defense grows frustrated in Dwayne Dillard murder case

Defense attorneys for co-defendants Shakim Lyon, Harry Herbert and Jonathan Taylor said they are frustrated with prosecutor’s refusal to identify a witness they believe could prove their clients’ innocence.

In court on Monday, Lyon’s lawyer, Natalie Lawson, requested  the government identify the witness who, according to Lawson, is a person other than “any of the suspects” currently charged with the murder of Dwayne Gene Dillard.

The government refuted the defense’s argument, and said that characterization was “false,” that the witness never said who the shooter was, and they will protect the individual’s identity.

Defense attorneys told the judge they it wants the government to provide “more information” to make sure there isn’t any information “being hidden from the defense in favor of the suspects.”

The defense also requested that one of the witnesses be dismissed from the case because their testimony is “irrelevant,” which the government denied.

Lawson requested her client’s prior conviction not be mentioned to “avoid prejudice” for the jury. Lawson does not want the jury thinking if “he’s been bad before” he’ll be “bad again.” she said of her client.

The judge said he will decide what to rule on if  “it reaches that point.”

All three suspects are being held without bond and due back in court on Wednesday.

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