Harold Marshall’s trial date set for February 2017

 The man accused of fatally stabbing Tyrone Moore, 32, in March 2015 now has a trial date set for February of next year.

Harold Marshall, 38, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder while armed. Marshall was in court Tuesday, but has been allowed out of prison as part of the court’s the high intensity supervision program.

On March 22 of last year, police responded to the report of a stabbing in the 1600 block of F Street, NE. The victim, later identified as Moore, was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

In court, pre-trial services representative said that Marshall had been compliant with the program’s rules, up until last week, when he violated the rules and did not charge his GPS tracker and allowed it to die for about five hours.

Marshall’s defense attorney, David Knight, told the courts that his client did not go to work the morning the tracker died and forgot to charge it because he was asleep. He said it was a “minor hiccup” and it will not happen again.

“I will overlook it,” said D.C. superior court Judge Jose Lopez. He told Knight the program is a privilege and to be emphatic on how strict the program is to his client.

Marshall’s next scheduled appearance in court is May 13 for a status hearing.