Homicide Defendant’s Attorney Challenges Psychologists’ Credibility

During a Sept. 14 hearing, defense attorney Dana Page attempted to examine an expert witness’s credibility after he determined that a murder defendant was competent to stand trial.

Bobby Jordan, 47, who is also known as Hillman Ray Jordan, is charged with first-degree murder while armed, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, and carrying a pistol without a license in connection with the fatal shooting of 64-year-old Jawaid Bhutto that occurred on the 2600 block of Wade Road, SE on March 1, 2019. 

During the hearing, the prosecution recalled their expert witness to the stand. The witness, a licensed critical psychologist, said he believes Jordan is capable of standing trial. 

“There wasn’t anything he said that was overly concerning,” the psychologist said. “I believe Mr. Jordan is competent.”

The expert said Jordan told him someone was following him, but the witness said it was not uncommon for people, being charged with a crime, to say that. 

The psychologist agreed with other expert witnesses’ testimonies in saying that Jordan suffers from schizophrenia and his symptoms include delusional ideations and paranoia.

However, in court, the expert witness told DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee, “Mr. Jordan does not currently present a fixed delusion.”

During cross-examination, Page questioned the witness about past judges who ruled that his testimony, on separate occasions, as not credible or less credible. She also showed the court several posts from the expert’s Facebook page after asking him about his personal biases. 

Page said the posts on the expert witness’s social media page were “anti-Black Lives Matter.” One post included a speech from Donald Trump, which Page pointed out, was soon after the death of George Floyd. 

Another post was of an article, “Damages on whites done by blacks”. 

Towards the end of his cross-examination, the witness told Judge Lee, “There were a couple of places, in retrospect, that I wish I would’ve followed up”. 

The hearing is set to continue on Sept. 15 with the expert witness back on the stand.

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