Jonathan Taylor’s attorney request for a mistrial denied

As the trial against Jonathan Taylor resumed, the legitimacy of several witness’ testimony was hotly debated.

Taylor is on trial for the alleged murder of Dexter Motley.

One of the witnesses who was romantically involved with Taylor discussed the first time she heard of Motley’s death. In her testimony before the grand jury, the woman said Taylor admitted to shooting someone in the head. She said detectives came to her house asking her if she knew Taylor, which she denied. The woman texted Taylor to let him know the police were asking about him. He directed her to delete texts between them and she complied.

When she was cross examined by the defense, the witness’ memory constantly challenged. She was often supplied with her previous testimony in order to recollect what she had previously testified.

In an emotional testimony, Motley’s sister took the stand. She spoke of her brother, and said he was an excellent role model, watching her children and volunteering. She also spoke of a situation where a man from the “manor” was trying to steal her son’s shoes. Her brother became involved.


As her testimony continued, peppered with various objections, the defense argued for a mistrial, which was denied.

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