Judge Continues 6 Show Cause Hearings

A DC Superior Court judge presided over 15 show cause hearings on Oct. 15. 

Micheal Nettles, 55, apologized for not getting in touch with the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) during the hearing.

Nettles is charged with second-degree theft, attempted threats to do bodily harm and simple assault. 

The prosecution was concerned by Nettles’ lack of compliance and wanted to stress the importance of maintaining contact with PSA. However, Nettles has since come back into compliance.

Judge Danya Dayson instructed him to comply with PSA.

Nettles is scheduled to return to court on April 9.

Judge Dayson issued three bench warrants for the arrests of Davon Warren, Antonio Curtis and Victor Nichols after they failed to appear in court.

Warren, 24, is charged with the distribution of PCP.  According to PSA, he has been a loss of contact since Sept. 10.

Curtis was sentenced to 18 months of probation for attempted robbery in November 2019. However, he has been non-compliant on several occasions.

Nichols, who is on probation for the destruction of property and second-degree theft, has not been in contact with Court Services and Supervision Agency (CSOSA.) His lawyer has also been unable to contact Nichols but said he would try to get in contact with his client. 

Judge Dayson continued six cases in order to give defendants an opportunity to come into compliance with release agreements. 

Omara Hussein, 28, is charged with simple assault, possession of a controlled substance and unlawful entry of a vehicle. 

CSOSA told the court that while Hussein has not been in direct noncompliance with her release requirements, she has been uncooperative.

Defense attorney Noah Clements said his client has been cooperative with her mental health caseworker and has regularly worked with him. Clements argued that to detain his client would be a detriment to her mental health progress. 

Judge Dayson continued the hearing until Nov 19 so as to give Hussein a chance to engage with her CSO in a positive manner.

 Sean Bowman, 26, has been a loss of contact since he was released into home confinment during his Feb. 24 presentment hearing. 

Defense attorney David Vega said his client has mental health issues and is homeless. He argued that it is possible his client had no knowledge of the hearing due to these factors.

While the prosecution recommended a bench warrant be issued, Judge Dayson sided with the defense and continued the hearing for 30 days and issued a judicial summons. However, she noted the prosecution reserved the right to request a bench warrant if Bowman fails to appear at the Nov 13 hearing. 

Judge Dayson also ordered fraud defendant Robert Ownes to come back into compliance with PSA. 

Owens, who lives in New York, is involved with some cases in other states as well. 

The prosecution noted the new charges in other states are concerning, but they will not be asking for any extra conditions. 

Owens said he tried calling PSA but would only get a continuous ring. PSA provided Owens with a phone number to call in the future. 

The case will be continued on March 9 of next year. 

Judge Dayson agreed to continue drug possession defendant Avery Clayborne’s hearing to Oct. 22. 

Clayborne has been a loss of contact since Sept. 8. The prosecution requested a bench warrant be issued as the defendant was not present for the hearing. 

However, defense attorney Thomas Lester argued that the court did not give his client adequate notice. Lester argued that he himself sometimes does not receive mail from the court and his office is down the street from the courthouse. 

Judge Dayson discharged the show cause hearing for Deago Washington, Diramonie Carter and Dominique Buckman since they have come back into compliance.

Washington, 39, and Carter, 26 are both charged with simple assault. 

Buckman, 39, is charged for assault with a dangerous weapon.

Judge Dayson also presided over a hearing for a domestic violence defendant with a bench warrant out for his arrest after he walked into court with the case’s victim. 

This defendant is charged with simple assault. 

The victim asked to address the court. In response to the prosecution arguing to continue the original stay away order that was issued, the victim asked the judge to lift the stay-away order. She stated the incident was a misunderstanding and attempted to take responsibility for the assault. 

Judge Dayson noted how she was concerned that the victim was trying to explain how she was in the wrong. Judge Dayson stressed to the defendant that, under no circumstances, is he allowed to put his hands on the victim in any way. 

The defendant will also be required to report weekly by phone to the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA), verify address and comply with the conditions of his release in other pending cases.  

His next hearing is scheduled for Jan 27.

Maria Watkins, who had a bench warrant out for her arrest, came into the court. 

Watkins, 25, is charged with possession on an uncontrolled substance. 

PSA said she has a history of noncompliance and noted an outstanding case in Virginia. 

The prosecution requested that Watkins be placed into the High Intensity Supervision Program(HISP). However stand-in defense attorney, Thomas Key, argued that her crimes are nonviolent and she turned herself in. 

Judge Dayson continued the hearing to Nov. 16.

Samuel Dickerson was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon back in 2016. He heard there was a bench warrant out for his arrest and turned himself in to the court. 

He was noncompliant with his release agreement to seek treatment.

Judge Dayson continued the hearing to Oct. 22.

Maria Marzullo wrote this article