Judge Continues Hearings for Defendants Charged with Sex Abuse

On Nov. 24, a DC Superior Court judge continued hearings for two sex abuse defendants so they can consider plea offers.

One defendant is charged with assault with intent to commit first-degree sexual abuse in one case and misdemeanor sexual abuse in the other. In the felony matter, the defendant allegedly attempted to sexually assault a woman in the lobby of her Petworth residence in Northwest, DC on Sept. 6. In the misdemeanor matter, the defendant allegedly touched a man without permission on the green line train on that same day.

“The government extended a plea offer and we will need some time to discuss this plea offer with [the defendant],” defense attorney Russel Hairston said, asking Judge Judith Smith to continue the hearing.

Judge Smith scheduled the defendant’s next court appearance for Dec. 21.

Another defendant is charged in five misdemeanor cases, two of which involve sex abuse charges.

In his first sex abuse case, the defendant is charged with misdemeanor sex abuse for allegedly touching two women without their permission at the Gallery Place Metro Station in Northwest, DC on Nov. 8. In the other, he is charged with misdemeanor sex abuse of a child or minor for allegedly touching a minor without permission at a convenience store in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood in Northeast, DC on Aug. 2.

The defendant is also charged with assault on a police officer and bail violations in his other cases. 

“There has been a global plea offer extended that I need to go over with my client, so I will need at least two weeks to do that,” defense attorney Thomas Key said, also asking he judge for the status hearing to be continued so he could discuss a plea agreement with his client.

Judge Smith continued the defendant’s status hearing to Dec. 16.