Judge Decides to Hold Eight Defendants During Initial Hearings

District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Sean Staples held eight defendants and released six defendants on June 18. 

Five other defendants were released because the prosecution did not file charges.

Among those held, include Willie Ash who is charged with assault, contempt and attempted possession of a prohibited weapon in a domestic violence case.

Judge Staples held Ash because he has another pending domestic violence case with the same two complainants. Ash is also not in compliance with his probation. Ash is being held on a $100 bond.

The second defendant being held is Carl Butler. Butler is charged with robbery. 

Butler’s defense attorney, Linden Fry, argued that the current case against Butler is not a severe case since no one was injured. Butler also has stable housing and applies for jobs. Fry said that holding him would be worse for the community.

Nevertheless, Judge Staples held him with no bond, citing that Butler has already been convicted of robbery, has two pending first-degree assault cases and he did not successfully complete his supervision.

Clenteous McCoy was held on a possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance charge. Police recovered what is believed to be crack cocaine in his house.

McCoy’s counsel argued for McCoy to be entered into the high intensity supervision program (HISP), due to the fact that he is already doing well in HISP in another pending case.

Judge Staples held McCoy due to his recent pending case, and he said he found a presumption of dangerousness.

Deshawn Ennis was held on for aggravated assault while armed and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence. 

Ennis allegedly shot a man in the head after an altercation with him and a group of people because they were found leaning on his car.

Ennis’ defense attorney argued for his release due to the fact that he is gainfully employed at McDonald’s, Five Guys, Office Movers and Sonic. He also noted that Ennis lives with his mother, is paying child support, and has another child on the way.

“He’s not a threat to the community. He’s not a threat to himself,” his lawyer said.

According to the prosecution, there is surveillance video evidence against Ennis and a witness, who is close to the defendant, was able to identify Ennis from the footage.

Mike Bidgell, who is charged with second-degree murder while armed, was also held. Bidgell allegedly shot the victim twice from his car.

Bidgell’s defense attorney argued that the photos used to identify Bidgell were insufficient to positively identify the suspect. The attorney also said that Bidgell could have been driving and the person in the passenger seat shot the victim.

Bidgell has two young children and his two-year old daughter has significant health issues. The lawyer said Bidgell needs to help take care of his children. 

Judge Staple cited that Bidgell has another pending case from 2019, and he felt there was a presumption of dangerousness.

Derrick Gilmore was held on armed robbery for allegedly robbing a 7-11 located at 3000 block of Naylor Rd., SE. The suspect was wearing a mask, but three people on the scene positively identified him.

Judge Staple found probable cause and also referenced Gilmore’s past convictions, including two armed robbery convictions from 2014. He is also under community supervision for an unlawful entry case.

Judge Staple held Gilmore with a stay away order from the three complainants as well as the 7-11 on Naylor Road. 

Michael Mason is charged with two counts of first-degree murder while armed, one count of assault with intent to kill while armed and one count of assault with intent to murder while armed.

Mason allegedly shot and killed Brea Moon and Antwuan Roach and assaulted a minor with intent to murder him.

District of Columbia Superior Court Judge McKenna found probable cause in all four counts and cited that Mason has prior incidents with firearms. Mason also may have tampered with or removed his GPS monitoring device during the alleged murders.

Mason is being held without bail.

A defendant who has been charged with assault has been released. The defendant attempted to turn himself in multiple times. He must stay away from the 1000 block of 19th St, NE and an individual listed in a stay-away order. 

Another man charged with assault has been released. He must comply with a stay-away order and avoid the 900 block of Longfellow St, NW. 

A man charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle was also released and must stay-away from a listed individual. 

On June 17, a man allegedly failed to charge his GPS device on purpose. He is charged with tampering with a detection device and has been released on personal recognizance.

A defendant charged with unlawful possession of a firearm was released. Judge Staples found probable cause for his case, but did not believe he was a threat to the community because of his lack of a violent history. The man previously had failed to appear in court several times. 

The defendant must stay away from Potomac Gardens. He will be escorted by the police to retrieve his property. He is prohibited from carrying firearms or ammunition and must weekly report to pretrial services by phone. 

A woman charged with fugitive from justice has been released. She must return to Loudon County and surrender herself to authorities for her grand larceny trial. The county has issued a $1,600 bail on the defendant.