Judge Declares Mistrial in Murder Case

During a status hearing on Jan. 28, a judge declared a mistrial and ordered a new trial date for a murder defendant. 

Kimberly Thompson was convicted of first-degree murder in March of 2019 for shooting Charles Mayo, 53, on the 1900 block of Bennett Place, NE. 

Thompson’s defense attorney, Kevin Mosley, said the prosecution failed to turn over documents that could exonerate Thompson. As a result, DC Superior Court Judge Milton C. Lee declared a mistrial.

“There is only one witness that implicated Thompson, and that witness has a family connection to the victim,” said Mosley.

The specifics of the evidence were not discussed.

Judge Lee asked the prosecution to explain why the evidence wasn’t turned over when it was first received.

“It was just negligence on our part,” said the prosecutor. The prosecution reiterated that there was no ulterior motive for not turning over the evidence. 

Judge Lee agreed and said that he believed it was just negligence on the part of the prosecution. 

He set a new trial date for Feb. 6. 

This article was written by MiriYam Judd