Judge Delays Hearing to Allow Homicide Defendant to Consider Plea Offer

During a Sept. 20 hearing, DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee granted a continuance, giving a sexual assault defendant time to decide whether to take a plea deal.

On July 8, the complainant told Metropolitan Police Department officers that the defendant opened the door to her apartment, which is located on the 100 block of I Street, SE. The apartment was unlocked, and approached her. The defendant is charged with assault with the Intent to commit first-degree sexual abuse by force and first-degree burglary.

“I spoke with him, and I guess he needs to talk to some people in order to come to conclusions,” his attorney Anthony Smith said.

The prosecutor agreed to the continuation.

She said that he groped her thigh. She said he wanted to have sex with her and climbed into her bed with his penis exposed. It was then that a witness entered the room and pulled him away, according to court documents.

The defendant stayed in the apartment building, walking around an interior courtyard. He was arrested in the early morning on July 9.

According to the court documents, the defendant exposed himself to a female officer while in handcuffs.

Judge Lee scheduled the next hearing for Oct. 7.