Judge Denies Extension to Extend Indictment

On Sept. 20, a DC Superior judge pressured the prosecution to present an indictment for a defendant in a murder case.

Herman Sylvester Williams, 28, is charged with second-degree murder while armed for his alleged involvement in the shooting of 36 year-old William Boykin on the 2600 block of Birney Place Southeast, DC on May 28.

The prosecution requested an extension beyond the 9-month indictment period.

Judge Milton C. Lee denied the request and asked the prosecution to serve an indictment before March, which is when the indictment period would expire.

Judge Lee made it a point to stress the importance of disclosing everything the prosecution finds to the defense so that they are able to counsel the defendant efficiently and adequately.

Williams’ defense attorney, Ieshaah Murphy, also requested the prosecution provide all of the new evidence in the case. According to Murphy, she has not received any evidence from the prosecution since the preliminary hearing.

A felony status conference is scheduled on Sept. 20.

A trial date has been set for Jan. 22.

Written by Danuellyz Diaz