Judge denies lifting stay away order for Amanda Turner

A judge denied murder suspect Amanda Turner’s request to be allowed to visit her mother’s home at the same address where the alleged murder took place.

Turner and co-defendant Antonio Brown have been charged with the murder of Charles Antonio Welch.

Turner’s attorney, Nikki Lotze, requested that Turner’s stay away order from the crime scene be lifted. Turner’s 72-year-old mother is in need of medical help and currently lives in the area of the stay away order. Lotze argued that Turner is severely inconvenienced when helping her mother get to and from doctor’s visits.

“Turner has been in 100% compliance with her release,” Lotze said.

Although she has been in compliance with her release, the government brought up recent allegations of Turner attempting to sell drugs in the area in order for witnesses to change their stories in her favor. After this was brought to light, Lopez agreed upon lifting Turner’s curfew and drug tests, but strictly denied lifting the stay away order.

Judge Lopez closed by saying there would be no exceptions to this decision whether aiding Turner’s mother’s health needs or not.

Turner and Brown are due back in court Aug. 5 at 9:30 a.m.