Judge Finds Substantial Probability that Defendant Could Be Guilty

A DC Superior Court judge found substantial probability that a murder defendant could be found guilty at trial. 

Tony Antoine McClam is charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting 11-year-old Karon Brown on the 2700 block of of Naylor Road, SE on July 18. The police initially charged McClam with second-degree murder, however Magistrate Judge Renee Raymond increased the charge.

According to court documents, Brown had been seeking refuge in a vehicle when McClam, 29, shot multiple times at the fleeing car.

Defense counsel, James King, told Judge Raymond that substantial probability could not be found based on the defendant’s statement to police, which suggests McClam, 29, acted in self-defense. He said the defendant claimed to have seen the driver reach for what he believed was a weapon. 

Judge Raymond said any claim to self-defense is unwarranted because the defendant allegedly shot at the vehicle on three separate occasions. She said there is ‘substantial probability’ that the defendant would be found guilty. 

According to “information in the affidavit, specifically statements form the defendant, at no point does anyone shoot at him. McClam decided he was going to shoot at the car on three separate instances,” Judge Raymond said.  

The prosecution requested that McClam be held without bail because of the danger he poses to the community and the fact that he refused to give up the gun when he came to speak to the police. Judge Raymond agreed.

McClam’s preliminary hearing is scheduled on Aug. 2.

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