Judge Gives Defense in Drug and Sex Abuse Case More Time to Discuss Plea Offer

A DC Superior Court judge continued a drug and sex abuse defendant’s Dec. 1 status hearing to give the defense attorney more time to discuss a plea deal with his client.

The defendant is charged with third-degree sex abuse and unlawful possession of PCP for allegedly groping an employee on Sept. 30 in the Shipley Terrace neighborhood of Southeast, DC. A vial of liquid PCP was allegedly found on the 42 year-old defendant after he was apprehended.

The defendant was initially released under the High Intensity Supervision Program (HISP) on Oct. 1, but he was held on Nov. 24 following multiple notices of noncompliance with his release conditions.

Shortly after the defendant was detained, the prosecution offered him a plea deal.

“I expected that I would be able to discuss the plea offer with my client by today,” said defense attorney Leo Alley, who requested the continuance. “Unfortunately, it’s much harder to reach him at the jail.”

Judge Judith Smith continued the hearing to Dec. 16.