Judge Grants Defense’s Request for Severance

During a motion hearing on Oct. 11, DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee granted the defense’s motion for severance. 

David Hahqwon Beale, 24, is charged with first-degree murder while armed, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, unlawful possession of a firearm, armed carjacking, and assault with intent to kill for allegedly shooting 43-year-old George Johnson Jr. on the 800 block of Oglethorpe Street, NE on May 7, 2018. Hours later, Beale allegedly stole a car and $300-$400 from a pizza delivery driver.

In trying to keep the cases connected, the prosecutior told Judge Lee that the homicide and carjacking are related due to the offenses being in close proximity.

However, defense attorney Julie Swaney said she believes the offenses are misjoined. There is no overlap between the two, she said.

According to court documents, police recovered Beale’s cell phone from the stolen vehicle. The cell phone contained a video of Beale holding a black 9mm Glock. After obtaining a search warrant, police recovered multiple firearms, including the Glock from Beale’s girlfriend’s residence. Court documents state the police were able to determine that shell casings from the scene were fired from the gun found in Beale’s residence.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers found Beale and his girlfriend in the stolen car.

A hearing was scheduled for Nov. 8 so the prosecution can decide how to proceed. 

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