Judge Grants Delay for Murder Trial to Mental Health Records

The trial of two people accused of murder was recently delayed to give defense counsel time to examine mental health records.

Antonio Brown and Amanda Turner are charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting Charles Antonio Welch on the 1800 block of Harvard Street, NW in 2015.

Defense counsel said they will need time to review mental health records to determine the kinds of experts they would need to call. The defense also said they would need to determine the availability of experts.

According to documents, the Metropolitan Police Department reported that Turner and Welch had an ongoing feud. A witness reported to have seen Brown shoot Welch.

Surveillance footage shows a woman, who looks similar to Turner, waiting in the driver’s seat of a nearby car during the incident. Turner and Brown were said to be romantically involved at the time of the shooting.

Before Turner was charged, she apparently tried to bribe witnesses with crack so they wouldn’t cooperate with the homicide investigation.

Brown pled not guilty to the murder and is being held without bail. Despite being charged with the same crime, Turner was released under the High Intensity Supervision Program.

Another trial readiness hearing scheduled on May 31 with DC Superior Court Judge Juliet McKenna. The trial is currently scheduled for June 4.