Judge Grants Motion for DNA Testing on Behalf of Prosecution

DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee granted a motion for DNA testing to the prosecution during a hearing for a murder defendant.

Robert Baskerville, 29, is charged with second-degree murder while armed in connection to the shooting of 28-year-old Darron Keith Holmes II on April 16 on the 1200 block of Southern Avenue, SE. Officers from the Metropolitan Police Department executed a search warrant and arrested him on June 16. 

During a Nov. 1 hearing, the prosecution expressed his plans to conduct DNA testing, to which Baskerville’s defense attorney, Pierce Suen, objected.

He asserted that the prosecution has demonstrated “insufficient probable cause.”

In response, the prosecutor told Judge Lee that he plans to collect DNA from the car involved in the incident. 

Suen contended that only touch DNA can be extracted from the scene, ruling out the possibility of testing bodily fluids.

Judge Lee rejected this submission, stating that blood was found in the car. In doing so, he granted a motion for DNA testing.

After issuing a motion for DNA testing, Suen requested that Baskerville be released as they await any further developments, citing his non-existent criminal background.

Judge Lee denied the request because Suen had not notified the prosecution prior to asking.

Parties are scheduled to return to court on Jan. 5. 2023, to further address matters.

Baskerville will continue to be held at the DC Jail.

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