Judge Holds 3 Domestic Violence Defendants During Initial Hearings

On March 31, District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Judith Pipe heard 40 cases. She released 24 defendants and held eight at DC Jail during their initial hearings. 

There were a total of seven domestic violence cases and three sex abuse cases presented before Judge Pipe. Of these cases, she held three of the defendants.

Judge Pipe held a male domestic violence defendant on attempted threats to do bodily harm, simple assault, and attempted possession of a prohibited weapon. The defendant allegedly threatened to stab a woman. 

Judge Pipe found probable cause to hold him based on the nature of the offense and granted the prosecution’s request for a stay away order from the victim. Additionally, he was served with a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) involving the same person.

A second domestic violence defendant that was held is charged with simple assault, obstruction of justice and contempt. The defendant’s defense attorney, Lawrence Kupers, asked for him to be released and noted that the incident was not sought out but that the defendant was invited over to the victim’s residence by the victim. 

Judge Pipe found probable cause and cited the defendant’s prior violent criminal history as well as the use of a pot of boiling water in the incident as reasons to hold him. She also granted a stay away order from the victim and the block containing her residence.

Another defendant held is a domestic violence defendant charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and threats to kidnap or injure a person. Defense attorney Joseph Molina made representations that the defendant had never had any prior altercations with the law other than traffic violations. He also argued that holding the defendant would put undue stress on his family because he owns a business and has children to look after.

Judge Pipe acknowledged the defense’s concerns but said that the nature of offence was too concerning, especially since the allegations involve how the defendant was treating his child. She noted that the victim reported concern with how aggressively the defendant was disciplining his child and intervened, which prompted the defendant to threaten to shoot the victim for intervening. The defendant was held without bail and ordered to stay away from the victim.

All held defendants will return to court later in April.

 Judge Pipe released four domestic violence defendants. Their charges include civil violation of a protection order, contempt, simple assault, second-degree theft, attempted threats to do bodily harm and violation of a TPO. All four defendants were given stay-away orders from their victims and places of residence.

All three sex abuse defendants, whose charges include first-degree sex abuse, first-degree child sex abuse and misdemeanor sex abuse, were released. All of the defendants were ordered to do weekly check-ins with Pretrial Services (PSA) and given stay away orders from the victims and all minors. 

All released defendants will return to court in October.