Judge Holds 7 out of 24 Defendants During Initial Hearings

On Oct. 13, DC Superior Court Judge Heide Herrmann held seven defendants and released seventeen during their initial hearings.

George Shaw, 20, is held on charges of first-degree murder while armed for allegedly killing two men on Oct. 10 on the 4500 block of Quarles Street, NE. The victims, Simmeon Williams and Marcus Nelson, were allegedly attempting to invade Shaw’s home when the offense took place. Shaw was arrested on Oct. 12. 

“Despite the uncertain circumstances around the offense, I find substantial probability for the charges,” said Judge Herrmann. 

Davon Mangum is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm with a prior conviction for allegedly having a pistol in his car’s glove compartment on Oct. 12 on the 1500 block of Morris Road, SE. Mangum, 34, has two prior felony convictions from 2005 and 2006. Judge Herrman held him because his prior convictions involve armed robbery and manslaughter. 

Judge Herrmann held Tyrek Hudson, 22, on a charge of carrying a pistol without a license outside a home or business. He was allegedly found in possession of a firearm on Oct. 12 on the 2800 block of Q Street, SE. The judge cited the repeated nature of Hudson’s gun-related offenses.

“There is no evidence that he did anything with the gun, other than to possess it,” said Judge Herrmann. “The defendant, however, has two prior gun charges.”

Ahyende Gray is held on charges of possession of a prohibited weapon, attempted possession of a prohibited weapon and unlawful entry onto private property. Judge Herrmann noted that Gray, 21, had been in the courtroom the day before.

“What I’m looking at here is a history of charges that involve threats or harm to other people,” the judge said.

Derrick Ferguson, 47, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly participating in a fight with a knife. Judge Herrmann held him because she believed his actions showed he would be a danger to the community,

The judge held Jeffrey Thomas on a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm with a prior conviction. Thomas, 31, was recently released from prison in May after completing a sentence for a 2013 felony conviction.

Mukhtar Mohamed is held on a charge of being a fugitive from justice for an aggravated assault case in Maryland. The demanding jurisdiction has three business days to retrieve him, or a hearing in DC will be scheduled.

Five felony defendants were released on their personal promise to return to court. One was released with a stay away order.

Judge Herrmann released three domestic violence defendants. Two of the defendants were released with stay away orders from the victims and their residences.

Five misdemeanor defendants were released. Three were released with stay away orders, one of which was also ordered to not harass, assault, threaten, or stalk (HATS) the victim.

Four fugitive defendants were released due to the non-violent nature of their alleged offenses. They must report to the demanding jurisdiction.