Judge Holds Domestic Violence Defendant During Initial Hearings

During initial hearings on June 4, DC Superior Court Judge Sean Staples held one domestic violence defendant.

There were 21 defendants presented before the court, and three of these defendants had domestic violence charges filed against them.

Judge Staples held a defendant who was just brought before the court on June 3 for violation of a Civil Protection Order (CPO) and second-degree theft. In his new case, he is also charged with violation of a CPO and unlawful entry of a motor vehicle.

Judge Staples chose to hold the defendant because of his repeated alleged violations of court orders and because he is on probation for several domestic violence cases, as well. The defendant’s next hearing is scheduled for June 22.

Two additional domestic violence cases were heard. The defendants are charged with simple assault, destruction of property, unlawful entry and contempt in those cases.

Both defendants were released with orders to return to court on Dec. 10. They were also ordered to stay away from the alleged victims in each of their cases.