Judge Holds Domestic Violence Defendant for Threats to Kill

During initial hearings on Feb. 26, DC Superior Court Judge Judith Pipe held one domestic violence defendant and released three.

In total, there were 21 defendants presented before the court. Judge Pipe held two.

Judge Pipe held a defendant who is charged with simple assault and attempted threats to do bodily harm in a domestic violence case.

The defendant allegedly attacked the complainant in front of police, saying, “I’ll be back; I’m going to kill you.”

The defendant is also on probation in another domestic violence case in which he is convicted of attempted threats.

According to the prosecution, the defendant also has a number of theft convictions, a contempt conviction and eight bench warrants in his criminal history.

Given the defendant’s history and the seriousness of the alleged threats, Judge Pipe decided to hold the defendant pending his next hearing, scheduled for March 16.

The defendant was also served with a Temporary Protective Order (PTO) and given a stay-away from the complainant.

One of the domestic violence defendants that the judge released was brought in on a bench warrant for failing to get his GPS monitoring device installed and failing to appear at his hearing. The underlying charges in his case are attempted threats and contempt. 

Judge Pipe released him with orders to go to the courthouse to get his GPS installed as soon as he gets released. He has a hearing scheduled for Feb. 27 to ensure he gets the device installed.

Two other defendants, one charged with simple assault and the other charged with simple assault and assault on a police officer, were released with orders to return back to court on July 30.

One of the defendants was given a stay-away order from the complainant and the location of the incident, and the other defendant was given an order not to harass, assault, threaten or stalk (HATS) the victim.

Another domestic violence defendant, charged with simple assault and second-degree cruelty to children, is in the hospital, so her case was continued to Feb. 27.