Judge Holds Five Domestic Violence Defendants During Initial Hearings

On June 11, DC Superior Court Judge Shelly Mulkey held five of eight domestic violence defendants during initial hearings.

There were 20 total defendants presented before the court.

A defendant who has been in the hospital over the last few days is charged with simple assault and contempt. Defense counsel requested the judge to not find probable cause because she spoke to the complaining witness prior to the hearing, who recanted everything she said to the police. 

In fact, she even allegedly admitted to stabbing the defendant in May, which is why the defendant has recently been in the hospital. She was reportedly arrested for the incident, but the defendant declined to press charges.

In the case against the defendant, he allegedly punched her in the face, broke her glasses and bit her, but the victim now says that he did none of those things. In fact, she said the bite mark is a very old wound from her small child.

Judge Mulkey did find probable cause, however, and decided to hold the defendant because he has three additional pending cases against him that involve the same complaining witness.

A defendant charged with simple assault, destruction of property and obstruction of justice was also held. They were also brought in on a bench warrant for failing to appear at their probation hearing in another domestic violence case. 

Judge Mulkey said she thinks the defendant may flee given his history of bench warrants and a violation of the Bail Reform Act (BRA) conviction from 2019, so he chose to hold him at the jail.

A defendant charged with attempted threats to do bodily harm and contempt was also held. The defendant has a pending case involving the same complaining witness, and allegedly said, “If I get arrested, once I get out, I’m gonna kill you all.” In his new case, he also allegedly threatened to kill the complainant and violated a stay-away order. Given these circumstances, the judge decided to hold him pending his next hearing.

Finally, Judge Mulkey held two defendants who were brought in on bench warrants for failing to appear at their hearings. Both defendants were allegedly out of compliance with release conditions, so the judge held them to be seen by the presiding judges.

The three defendants released have charges of simple assault, destruction of property and second-degree cruelty to children. Two of the defendants were given stay-away orders, and the final one was ordered not to harass, assault, threaten or stalk (HATS) a child and to not physically discipline any children at all.

The released defendants will return to court in December while the held defendants will be returning to court in June.