Judge Holds One Domestic Violence Defendant During Initial Hearings

During initial hearings on June 1, DC Superior Court Judge Judith Pipe released all but one domestic abuse defendant.

There were 19 total defendants brought before the court, and five of the defendants had domestic violence cases brought against them.

One of the defendants is charged with simple assault, attempted threats to do bodily harm and contempt for allegedly violating a condition of release in his pending case.

The defendant has two additional pending domestic violence cases, one of which involves the same complaining witness. 

The prosecution requested the defendant be held, saying in his pending case, he is alleged to have dragged the victim out of the shower and hit her in the head until her ear bled. In his new case, he allegedly pushed her over a railing at a nightclub, punching and kicking her in front of several witnesses.

Judge Pipe decided to hold the defendant, saying she believes him to be a danger to the community. His next court date is scheduled for June 22.

Two defendants with new domestic violence cases were released. Their charges include attempted second-degree cruelty to children and simple assault.

Both defendants were ordered to return to court on Dec. 7, and one of the defendants was given a stay-away order from the alleged victim and scene of the incident.

Two final domestic violence defendants were brought in on bench warrants for failing to appear in court. They were both released with new court dates of July 2 to see the presiding judges in their cases.