Judge Holds Sole Domestic Violence Defendant During Initial Hearings

During initial hearings on May 28, DC Superior Court Judge Shelly Mulkey presided over 21 defendants, holding one defendant charged in a domestic violence case.

Judge Mulkey held a female defendant who is charged with violating bail by failing to appear in court. The defendant was also brought in on three bench warrants for failing to appear at her hearings in her pending domestic violence cases. 

Her underlying charges in those cases include simple assault, attempted threats to do bodily harm, attempted possession of a prohibited weapon and bail violation.

Judge Mulkey decided to hold the defendant because of her prior bench warrant history, her bail case and her alleged noncompliance with reporting conditions in her other cases.

The defendant will be held at the jail until she can be seen by the presiding judge on June 15.

The judge also presided over one sex abuse case. The defendant is charged with second-degree child sex abuse for allegedly touching two children under the age of 18 inappropriately in their home.

Judge Mulkey said she felt the weight of the evidence in the case is strong, but she acknowledged the defendant has no prior criminal history at all. She released him with orders to stay away from the two alleged victims, their home and all minor children.

His next court date is scheduled for Dec. 1.