Judge Holds Two Homicide Defendants During Presentments

A DC Superior Court judge held two homicide defendants during presentments on July 27.

In total, 32 cases were presented before the court. 

Dalonte Harrison, 28, is charged with first-degree murder while armed in the shooting of 18-year-old Ja’Vontay Brown on the 3400 block of 13th Place, SE, on June 30, 2019. 

Defense attorney Kevann Gardner said that the prosecution did not establish probable cause for his client to be held. Gardner said no evidence has been admitted since 2019, and the only evidence police have is witness testimony. In addition, the witness said that he did not see who shot Brown, but still said it was Harrison, Gardner said. However, Judge Judith Pipe ruled that probable cause was established and held Harrison. 

Treavon Johnson, 23, is charged with second-degree murder while armed in the shooting of 35-year-old John Edmonds on the 600 block of Jefferson Street, NW, on July 26. The defense said that there was “ample evidence” that Johnson acted in defense of himself and his family.

According to witness statements, Edmonds approached all of them in her parked vehicle. According to the prosecution, as he came towards them, he allegedly shouted “B**** give me my daughter… B**** I’m going to kill you.” Edmonds was also clutching his pants, and Johnson’s girlfriend thought he might have a gun. At this time, Johnson fired three shots at Edmonds from the passenger side of the vehicle. When Edmonds attempted to flee, Johnson fired eight more shots, according to the prosecution.

Johnson’s girlfriend said that he was using a registered firearm, according to Judge Pipe.

Judge Pipe decided to hold Edmonds based on the allegation that he fired eight more shots after Edmonds had attempted to flee, saying this would not indicate that Johnson solely acted in self-defense.

Both held defendants are scheduled to return to court on Aug. 18.

Seven domestic violence defendants were released. Their charges include simple assault, attempted threats to do bodily harm and possession of unregistered firearm/unlawful possession of a firearm or destructive device. 

Judge Pipe issued a no HATS (Harass, Assault, Threaten or Stalk) order for one of the released defendants and stay-away orders for four others. Two released defendants are scheduled to return to court on Aug. 10, and the rest are scheduled to return to court on Nov. 9.