Judge Issues 2 Bench Warrants in Felony Cases During Show Cause Hearings

On Sept. 24, a DC Superior Court judge presided over seven pretrial and probation show cause hearings as well as one bench warrant return hearing. 

Thomas White did not show up to his pretrial show cause hearing. In his first case, White is charged with prisoner escape. While on pretrial release for that case, he was re-arrested for second-degree burglary for allegedly stealing power tools from a construction site. 

White, 59, has not been compliant with the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) and has continued to pick up charges. The prosecution asked Judge Julie Becker to issue a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest. 

Due to White’s continued non-compliance, Judge Becker agreed to the request. 

Christian Worley, 38, was also absent from her pretrial hearing. Worley is charged with carrying a pistol without a license outside a home or business. 

PSA reported that Worley has not been in contact with them since her arrest in April and has missed all weekly call-ins. 

Judge Becker decided to issue a bench warrant for her case as well. 

Marcus Brockington called in late to his pretrial show cause hearing. Brockington, 19, is charged with assault with serious bodily injury for allegedly attacking his victim to the point of unconsciousness at the Stadium Armory Metro Station on March 18. 

Defense attorney Randy McDonald said that his client’s loss of contact with PSA was due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic. McDonald said Brockington is living with high-risk family members who would be susceptible to the virus. 

The defendant told Judge Becker that he was concerned about appearing in person today because he was scared of possibly infecting his family inadvertently. 

Judge Becker ruled that Brockington must call-in weekly to PSA and that he must appear in person in court for his next hearing. 

Teenia Knott, 33, did show up to her probation show cause hearing. Knott pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on Aug. 23, 2019. 

As part of her probation requirements, she has to undergo drug and alcohol treatment and GPS monitoring. Her probation officer has sent in reports of frequent breaks in curfew, which she believes is dangerous for Knott’s recovery. 

The defendant tested negative on her last drug spot-test two days ago, so Judge Becker continued the show cause hearing for 60 days to ensure she continues to comply. 

Kevin Jackson, 46, is charged with unlawful possession of liquid PCP. 

The PSA originally reported that Jackson has been a loss of contact, but he has started reporting regularly over the past three weeks.  

Judge Becker discharged the show cause hearing since the defendant has started being compliant with his release conditions. 

Tyche Briscoe, 28, is charged with distribution of crack cocaine.

The defendant has had sporadic contact with PSA and mental health services. Briscoe said  he did not own a phone until this past week. 

Judge Becker ruled to continue the show cause hearing next month to check on Briscoe’s compliance now that he has a phone. 

Reginald Gardner, 23, is charged with carrying a pistol outside a home or business. 

The PSA said that Gardner has only reported 4 out of the 13 weeks he was expected to and always from a different phone number. Defense attorney Joseph Yarbough said that he also has trouble getting in contact with his client because he did not have his own cell phone. 

Judge Becker decided to discharge the show cause because Gardner said he now has a way to check in regularly. 

A walk-in bench warrant case was seen by Judge Becker today in between her show cause hearings. Ricardo Lewis is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and was arraigned today by Judge Becker. 

Lewis was not aware until yesterday that he had an outstanding bench warrant and he immediately turned himself in. 

Judge Becker chose to release him on the condition that he report to the PSA weekly by phone. 

Notifications are not yet available for this specific case. Please check back later for updates. Thank you.