Judge Issues 3 Bench Warrants During Probation, Pretrial Hearings

A DC Superior Court judge issues three bench warrants during the eight probation and pretrial hearings over which she presided on Oct. 7.

Judge Julie Becker issued a bench warrant for the arrests of Dan Pinkney, Keith Swann and Felicia Ledbetter after they failed to appear in court. 

Pinkney, 61, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly hitting a victim with a pipe on the 700 block of Fairmont Street, NW, on June 14. 

Defense attorney Betty Ballester said she did not know where her client is and has been unable to contact him. The Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) has also not been in touch with Pinkney since late August. 

Swann, 49, is charged with threats to do bodily harm, shoplifting and simple assault. 

According to the PSA, Swann has been a loss of contact since Aug. 26 and has not verified his address or attended the mandatory PSA orientation. A representative for the PSA also said Swann has been in sporadic contact with his mental health provider.

The prosecutor requested a bench warrant. However, defense attorney Everald Thompson asked the judge for more time to contact his client. 

“Under the circumstances, I’m going to issue a bench warrant here,” Judge Becker said. “If he comes back in, we can get him back into contact and quash the warrant.”

Felicia Ledbetter, 40, is charged with second-degree theft and unlawful entry on to private property. 

According to a PSA report, Ledbetter has been a loss of contact since early August. 

Ledbetter’s attorney, Steven Polin said Ledbetter was a resident of a homeless shelter at the time of her arrest and has no fixed address. Polin was also unable to contact the defendant.

“I’m not wild about issuing a bench warrant in this case given the nature of the allegations,” she said. “I will note that bench warrants are not currently being picked up.”

Judge Becker initially issued a bench warrant for a Charles Perry, who is on probation for a bail violation. However, Perry, 41, showed up to court two hours late and the warrant was quashed.

Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA), said he has been a total loss of contact since he was released. 

CSOSA asked for the defendant’s probation to be revoked due to his failure to meet any of his probation requirements. The defendant has also been rearrested on drug charges. 

Judge Becker decided to terminate Perry’s probation as unsuccessful and ordered him to enter a residential treatment program. Perry will have to report weekly to PSA for his new case. 

Judge Becker continued a firearm defendant’s probation show cause hearing. 

Kevin Mosley was charged with carrying a pistol without a license outside a home or business, failure to register a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device.

CSOSA said Mosley has not made his payment to the Victims of Violent Crime (VVC) compensation fund, nor has he contacted them since July. Mosley, 34, did register as a gun offender and has not been arrested on any new charges. 

The prosecutor requested a bench warrant for Mosley due to how long he has gone without contacting CSOSA.

However, Judge Becker denied the request. 

“I don’t really want him picked up and put in jail,” she said. “His probation was originally scheduled to end in July but I’m not sure if he didn’t understand and ended up not reporting.”

Judge Becker scheduled Mosley’s next probation show cause hearing for Jan. 8.

Judge Becker discharged a show cause order for a defendant who is charged with assault on a police officer. 

The PSA representative said, Mathew Cutis, 27, was a loss of contact, but re-established contact on Sept. 24.

Cutis’ attorney, Adam Hunter, said the defendant had been a loss of contact because he was in an inpatient treatment program.  

The prosecutor asked for a judicial warning. 

Judge Becker ordered the defendant to provide information to PSA that proves he was in a  treatment program. 

Cutis’ next court date is scheduled for March 19.

Woodrow Earle, 50, was charged with possession of a controlled substance, misuse of temporary tags, possession of drug paraphernalia and improper display of tags. 

CSOSA said Earle’s compliance has been inconsistent. He was recently rearrested and still has to pay $50 to the VVC compensation fund. 

Defense attorney, Betty Ballester said the only condition her client is unable to meet is the $50 VVC payment.

Judge Becker decided to amend the court’s judgment and commitment order to remove the VVC payment from Woodrow’s probation conditions. Woodrow will still have to pay $50 to the VVC fund but will not have his probation revoked if he is unable to pay. 

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