Judge Modifies Release Conditions for Homicide Co-Defendants

DC Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt stepped back the release conditions for two homicide co-defendants during a July 22 hearing. 

Daivion Williams, 24, and Dijon Williams, 23, have been charged with felony murder while armed and first-degree murder while armed, respectively. The charges stem from a homicide on July 21, 2020, when Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to reports of a shooting on the 4100 Block of 14th Street, NW. Upon arrival, officers found Nurudeen Thomas suffering from a gunshot wound. 

Both brothers, Daivion and Dijon, appeared in court following violations of their release conditions. Judge Bradnt heard arguments from prosecutors and defense regarding their detainment. 

A pretrial services report revealed that Daivion was recently arrested for battery, following an incident where he allegedly hit his girlfriend in the chest and took her phone. Defense attorney Kristin McGough said there were other motivations involved, alleging that Daivion’s girlfriend used him to renew her apartment lease but had no intention of living with him. 

“I don’t agree that there is aggressive conduct in the scene,” McGough said, referring to the video of the assault. “He was being asked to leave a home he had a right to be in.”

Prosecutors further mentioned that the defendant’s mother was involved in the assault. Defense attorney David Knight, who is representing Dijon, argued that the allegation was an attack on the mother’s character, who was present in court at the time of the hearing. 

Since April, Daivion has had 13 curfew violations, ranging from 20 to 30 mins. McGough said the curfew violations resulted from Daivion’s handiwork business. She said traffic, along with the nature of Daivion’s work accounted for the 20-30 minute curfew violation. “I don’t think at this juncture he needs a curfew,” McGough said. 

“[Daivion] has been in and out of compliance more times than the court can count,” Judge Brandt said. “The court has adjusted curfews, it’s just not working. The icing on the cake is the rearrest.”

Defense attorney Andrew Ain is set to replace McGough in the case, representing Daivion.

Dijon’s violation of release conditions involved a high-speed chase, in which Dijon reached 93 mph. According to counsel, Dijon was returning from a Disneyworld trip with his family, which was allowed due to modifications of the defendant’s release. He is currently being detained in a Georgia jail until further notice.

Knight and his co-counsel, Suen Pierce  brought forth a complaint against Judge Brandt’s bench warrant for Dijon. “There wasn’t a legal basis to issue a detainer at that time,” Knight said. “ We are still asking the court to rescind the detainer that has been lodged.”

Judge Brandt said she is waiting to see how Dijon’s detainment in a Georgia jail unfolds. 

Arguing for his release, Knight and Pierce noted that Dijon has never been a loss of contact, always charges his GPS, and is not a flight risk. “He takes this seriously, and if he’s ordered to come up [to D.C], he will,” Knight said. 

Judge Brandt granted defense counsel’s request to put Dijon in 24-hour home confinement when released from the Georgia jail. 

Daivion and Dijon’s next court date is scheduled for Aug. 18.

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