Judge Postpones Murder Defendant’s Sentencing

A DC Superior Court judge granted the defense’s request to postpone a sentencing for a murder defendant.

After being charged with first-degree murder, Keith Sweptson pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in January for beating 33-year-old Yusef Turner to death. Apparently, Sweptson was assisted by another man, Kevin Carter, to carry out the crime on the 3500 block of Georgia Avenue, NW. He is charged with first-degree murder. As of June 21, Carter, 30, is scheduled for a felony status conference on July 12.

During a hearing June 21, defense attorney, John Fowler, requested to postpone the sentencing in order to require the prosecution to present evidence of 39-year-old Sweptson’s guilt. Fowler said the prosecution refused multiple requests for evidence in the case.

Judge Craig Iscoe spoke with Fowler and the prosecutor under seal.

Judge Iscoe said the defense had to file a brief by July 26. The prosecution has until Sept. 6 to file an opposition to the brief.

A status hearing is scheduled on Sept. 13.  However, if the judge believes the case is ready, a sentencing will replace the status hearing.