Judge Releases 2 Sex Abuse Defendants During Presentment Hearing

DC Superior Court Judge Renee Raymond released two defendants and held another facing felony charges during a presentment hearing on March 1. 

One defendant is charged with first-degree child sex abuse for crimes committed against two victims. According to defense attorney Lisbeth Sapirstein, he was enrolled in a drug treatment program when the warrant for his arrest was issued. Judge Raymond granted him release into the High Intensity Supervision Program (HISP), so he could continue attending the drug treatment program. 

His conditions of release include GPS monitoring and a stay-away order. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 23. 

Another defendant is charged with assault with intent to commit first-degree sex abuse and assault with intent to commit third-degree sex abuse. The incident allegedly occurred on Feb. 28 on the 1900 block of Connecticut Avenue, NW. According to court documents, the defendant and victim were both staying in the same four-person hostel room. The defendant attacked the victim when the two were alone in the room together. 

Although defense attorney Aubrey Dillon objected to the prosecution’s request for the defendant to be placed on GPS monitoring, Judge Raymond determined that electronic monitoring was an appropriate condition given the circumstances.

The defendant’s preliminary hearing was scheduled for March 17. 

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