Judge Reschedules Felony Hearings for Defendants in Murder Cases

A DC Superior Court judge rescheduled hearings today for two defendants in two seperate murder cases.

Michael Mason is charged with two counts of first-degree murder while armed, assault with intent to kill while armed and assault with intent to committ any other offense while armed.

According to court documents, Mason was arrested on June 17 and is being charged with the murders of Brea Moon and Antwuan Roach

In Moon’s case, Mason is accused of shooting her on April 7 in an attempt to kill another man who Mason claimed was “causing problems in the neighborhood.” 

He said that during the shooting, the man he was trying to kill entered the back seat of the vehicle that Moon was parked in. Moon was in the back left seat. Mason revealed that he had fired four to five shots at the car with a .40 caliber handgun but the bullets hit Moon instead.

Mason is also charged with murdering Roach on May 22 in which he and three other suspects allegedly drove a vehicle to a nearby alley and started shooting at the decedent. 

Mason told police that Roach was a rival gang member who had previously come to shoot at their crew. He also said that while in a juvenile detention center that Roach and he had gotten into several verbal altercation while there.

Mason’s next hearing is scheduled for May 18.

Dajuan Jones, 20, is also being charged with first-degree murder while armed for the murder of Moon.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers arrested Jones outside of a northeast DC apartment building after officers tracked him using his cell phone, according to court documents. Officers found a .40 caliber pistol with 20 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.

The handgun is believed to be the weapon used in the homicide.

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